Hard Candy Earrings: Dessert, Sweets, Treat, Sweet Tooth, Halloween, Easter, Holiday

Hard Candy Earrings: Dessert, Sweets, Sweet Tooth, Halloween, Easter, Holiday

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These hard candy earrings are lightweight, fun to wear and they make a statement! Great for food lovers, theme parties or just to brighten up a rainy day - these are a great conversation starter!

We are a store that has something for everyone. No really, we have quirky earrings and jewelry in the form of food, animals, sports, hobbies, holiday themed and a few boring but stylish ones. We also make felt crafts for children and sell resin/polymer clay flowers so that you can craft things yourself!

Some of our best sellers include dice earrings, lemons, nesting dolls, cigarettes and wine bottles. What people often overlook is the ouija boards, unicorn horns and my favorite, the silly hot dog earrings.

I could go on and on forever. So just take my word for it. We have everything. You can message me if you’re looking for something specific or just search directly in the store. By the way, I will always send you something extra no matter how little you order. I do this because your orders bring a lot of joy to my life, and Marie Kondo taught me to appreciate that joy.

Keep your eye out on my store during holidays. I am a shoppaholic and give as many discounts as I myself get to enjoy. Which is many! See nothing you like? I’m sorry. I keep adding new things! Consider favoriting my store cause new listings are always on their way. And I mean always.

P.S. All packaging that we send orders in is reused and/or recycled! We care about the environment <3